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Article: Detox - More than just a juice cleanse

Detox - More than just a juice cleanse

Detox - More than just a juice cleanse

Many of the toxins in our bodies exist because of mental and emotional imbalances that come from unhealthy lifestyles. Environmental toxins, processed foods, dehydration, lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyles, digital overload, chemically loaded skincare, as well as toxic thoughts and relationships we surround ourselves with, all contribute to a build up over time.

Lets look at some of the physical, mental and spiritual ways we can reduce the impact of these toxins by choosing to consume everything in our lives with a level of awareness. Not only our daily habits, but also what we eat, what we listen to, who we speak to and what we read.


We currently have the most addictive and chemical-laden food in the history of humanity. The first step to help detoxify your body is to stop putting these foods into it. They're generally loaded with sodium for shelf stabilisation, sugar for taste and unhealthy fats, including saturated and trans fats, to make them more palatable, as well as colours, flavours, preservatives and other additives. Choosing organic, unrefined, unprocessed foods - foods in their natural state - and cooking the majority of your meals at home, is key to supporting the body’s natural processes of detoxification.


Start the day with a glass of room temperature water and lemon which is an excellent wake-up call for your liver. Sip on ginger tea which helps to cleanse the body by increasing digestion, circulation and sweating. Drinking more water throughout the day will also help your kidneys work more effectively, ultimately flushing out unwanted toxins and waste. 


Schedule time away from screens during the day. Turn off your phone, computer and TV during meals, go for a walk and leave your phone behind, silence alerts and notifications, don't look at screens at least an hour before bed, keep them out of the bedroom and turn your phone off at night. 


Sleep detox is when your body naturally removes waste and toxins while you sleep. From 11 pm to 3 am, most of your blood circulation is concentrated in the liver which is important for your body’s detoxification process. Your liver neutralises and breaks down toxins that accumulate in the body throughout the day. Allowing your body this sleep detox time gives it a chance to heal and enhances your overall health. 


Exercise can kick-start the natural detox process as it quickens breathing, promotes blood circulation and increases sweat production - all factors that promote the release of waste and toxins. Sweating also helps to unclog the pores. This lightens the work-load of the kidneys by releasing toxins through the skin. 


Your skin is the largest living and breathing organ, absorbing up to 60% of what is put onto it. Commercial personal care products often contain harsh chemicals, synthetics and pesticides which can accumulate in the body. Over exposure to these substances can lead to the liver being congested resulting in a build up of toxins over time.


Mental detoxing is the process of clearing and cleansing negative and often subconscious thoughts that manifest within our cells, impacting our mental, physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing. Hug more, smile more, play uplifting music, be present, read 'feel good' books, and count your blessings. These practices help release endorphins and create a sense of wellbeing. Your cells feed off the words and actions of others so surround yourself with those you support and uplift you. 


Writing down your thoughts and feelings about something that is affecting you helps to detox your mind from past frustrations and helps to release anxieties about things in the future. Actively engaging with those thoughts and letting them go is an opportunity to get them out of your head and create order when your world feels chaotic. One way to do this is to write a letter to someone who has hurt you, explaining how their actions make you feel. It's not about sending it, it's about gaining a better understanding of emotions you may have unconsciously suppressed, letting them escape from your body. 


Dry skin brushing will stimulate your lymphatic system, which helps to remove dead skin cells and toxins from your body. Another powerful (and indulgent!) form of detoxification is massage, which enhances your blood circulation and  moves your lymphatic system. Taking an epsom salt bath is another simple way to draw toxins from the body. Epsom salts contain magnesium, which is known to help stimulate the liver’s natural detoxification pathways.


Most of us underestimate the importance of drawing awareness to our breath. When we practice deep rhythmic breathing the diaphragm expands, relaxing the body, and massaging the lymphatic system. This conscious breathing helps to eliminate toxins from the body. If you aren’t breathing deeply or moving on a regular basis your lymphatic fluids become stagnant and this can prevent the body from effectively eliminating waste.





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