Is 'Skin Type' a marketing myth?

In the early 1900's, Helena Rubenstein, founder of one of the world's first modern beauty brands, decided to classify skin as "dry", "oily" or "normal". These common occurrences were considered abnormal and suddenly became problems to be solved. Over 100 years later, this pervasive marketing tactic is still being used by the beauty industry worldwide despite the fact that it has no basis in science, as dermatology, (the science of skin), has no standard objective measure of "skin type." The result is a reliance on multi step skincare regimes involving products that, more often than not, cause the problems they claim to solve. 


Your skin communicates with you and acts as the link between the internal and external environment. Eczema or psoriasis are auto immune conditions, which are often exacerbated by underlying gut issues. Excessive oily skin may be due to a hormonal imbalance. Dull skin may be due to a lack of sleep, and the use of an acid exfoliator may be causing a dry skin concern. Many skin reactions can be further exacerbated by stress, poor dietary choices, environmental pollutions or the products you are putting on your skin. Once you are properly addressing these internal and the external environmental factors, your skin will become strong, resilient, and radiant all on its own because that is the true nature of skin.

It's becoming clear that the whole the skin type labelling system creates unnecessary complexity in skincare routines. We embrace real skin and focus on supporting it. We believe that adopting a minimalist, pleasure filled ritual using fewer products of greater quality is more beneficial to our skin as layering too many products on top of another can only confuse it further. This is especially true with the inclusion of synthetic ingredients, emulsifiers and preservatives, which can result in a cocktail of chemical ingredients that often do more harm than good.

Our three-step ritual is a simple and holistic approach to this otherwise complicated nature of skincare. 

  1. Cleanse - Removal of makeup, dirt and debris at the end of the day is one of the most important pillars in skincare. We recommend an oil based cleanser, such as our facial cleansing oil, 'Balance'While removing oil and impurities, an oil based cleanser helps to dissolve excess sebum production, thus assisting to balance the pH of the skin which is crucial in controlling breakouts.
  2. Hydrate - Replenish your skin's hydration levels and lock in moisture with a simple facial mist, such as 'Refresh', our intensely hydrating facial mist. 
  3. Moisturise - The final step to our simple and mindful three-step skincare ritual is a few drops of one of our carefully formulated serums—packed with nourishing, skin loving botanicals for added moisture and nutrition. Our serums are formulated with cold pressed oils, fatty acids and antioxidants for maximum effectiveness.