'Skincare must be good enough to eat'
- Joanna Runciman

Our skin is our largest organ and acts as our body's protective barrier. Potential irritants can be absorbed into our skin by the use of chemical laden skincare products. 

Furthermore, putting chemicals onto your skin can be actually worse than ingesting them. When you eat something, the enzymes in your saliva and stomach break it down and assist to flush some of these chemicals out of the body. However, when these chemicals enter the bloodstream via the skin, this protective filtration process is bypassed so you have decreased protection against these toxins. 

Often brands claim to be natural, yet their products may still contain harsh ingredients. It's not enough to rely on the label, we must be reading the ingredient list. Some of the nasties to look out for are synthetic parabens, pthalates, petrochemicals, sulphates, GMO's, silicons, mineral oil and artificial fragrances and preservatives. 

Our passion is to educate people about the importance of safe, yet effective skincare, which is why we're 100% natural, plant based, organic and cruelty free. Our highest quality ingredients have been selected to naturally harmonise with our skin, restore its natural balance and help it become truly healthy. 

Implementing a skincare ritual which utilises powerful plant botanicals is the kindest thing you can do for yourself.


Join the Merkaba Tribe

Merkaba products are designed to be your daily skincare ritual. It is with daily use that our carefully curated organic ingredients are most effective. The regular application enables the power of the plants to fully nourish and enrich your skin, maximising the benefits.

To enable this, we recognise the need to make our products affordable so that it is sustainable to use them on a daily basis.

Enter the Merkaba Subscription Plan

We reward our loyal customers - our tribe - with a substantial 30% discount when they subscribe to purchase any of our products at intervals of 1, 2 or 3 months. In doing so, we are able to provide our high end products at a mid-range price.

And best of all, you can enjoy your ritual knowing you'll never run out of your favourite Merkaba products!