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Subscription Plan

Join the Merkaba Tribe

Merkaba products are designed to be your daily skincare ritual. It is with daily use that our carefully curated organic ingredients are most effective. The regular application enables the power of the plants to fully nourish and enrich your skin, maximising the benefits.

To enable this, we recognise the need to make our products affordable so that it is sustainable to use them on a daily basis.

Enter the Merkaba Subscription Plan

We reward our loyal customers - our tribe - with a substantial 30% discount when they subscribe to purchase any of our products at intervals of 1, 2 or 3 months. In doing so, we are able to provide our high end products at a mid-range price.

And best of all, you can enjoy your ritual knowing you'll never run out of your favourite Merkaba products!

      Our Offer

  1. Choose your Subscription intervals from 1, 2 or 3 months to earn a discount of 30%. 
  2. When a customer chooses a ‘Subscription Item’, they are committing to purchasing and receiving a second shipment of that particular product.
  3. A Subscription plan may be cancelled any time after shipment of the second product. This can be up to 1 day before the next shipment is due.
  4. Subscription plans are only available with credit card payments.
  5. If you have more than 1 Subscription Item due to be shipped within 7 days of each other, they will be shipped together.
  6. Subsequent Subscription shipments will use the delivery address you have provided. A re-delivery fee will be incurred if these details are incorrect.
  7. Subscriptions are exempt from other offers / discounts except at our discretion.