Merkaba Skincare was created from a desire to raise consciousness and as a gentle reminder of what we believe encompasses true beauty.

It’s about complete self-acceptance and connecting to one’s own innate wisdom.

It’s about abandoning the ego with all it’s flaws, fears and imperfections.

It’s about surrendering to the temptation of doing less and allowing the life forces of the plants to revive our oneness, our complete being.

Minimal Skincare that embodies a ritual, not a routine.

Skincare that creates more time to be with yourself.

The Merkaba Philosophy

For our skin to optimally thrive it deserves the enrichment of naturally derived, organic ingredients that have been grown and processed in harmony with our earth.

By harnessing the power of plants we created the Merkaba skincare range to rejuvenate not only your skin, but your oneness, your complete being.

The result is an effective but simple skincare ritual that enriches every skin type and every gender.

Merkaba hand-poured products have been developed with attention to unique formulas, safety, effectiveness and simple applications to gently nourish and protect the skin while achieving inner balance and outer radiance. 

Our product line is made to demand to ensure maximum quality and freshness.

The Merkaba Promise

Minimal Footprint

Merkaba Skincare is a conscious brand, giving consideration to all life forms, humans, animals and our planet. With natural resources in mind, our decisions on ingredients, packaging and shipping - down to the smallest detail - aim for a minimal environmental footprint. 

We pride ourselves on maximum integrity and transparency.

Merkaba Packaging

We use Miron Glass, also known as biophotonic glass to house our nourishing blends. Miron Glass, used by the ancients Egyptians, is thought to be energised by light.  It manages to block the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of infrared and UVA (ultraviolet light).

This unique property offers optimal protection against the aging processes which occurs by exposure to visible light, thus increasing shelf life and maximising effectiveness of the ingredients.

This is super important to us as it allows us to naturally preserve our products without the use of potentially harmful synthetic preservatives.

We don’t use outer packaging for our products. As enticing as a pretty box can be, we maintain a commitment to avoid all unnecessary trimmings.

Our mailing boxes are fully recyclable and we've chosen 100% certified home compostable mailing bags

The Merkaba Ingredients

We believe that what we put on our skin should be given the same consideration as the food we put into our bodies. Therefore, we’re committed to using the highest-quality, organic plant-based ingredients that are rich in actives and anti-oxidants to naturally harmonise with our skin providing long term health benefits.

We use only cold pressed, non-refined oils to maintain and preserve the high nutrient quality.

We avoid synthetic ingredients which are often associated with endocrine disruption and other sensitivities. That means no silicones, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, sulfates, GMO’s, propylene glycol, artificial preservatives or fragrances.

All of our ingredients are and ethically sourced and sustainably harvested.

We never test on animals and our ingredients are all palm oil free.

The Merkaba Ritual

Merkaba skincare isn’t about perfection.

It invites you to embody a ritual, not a routine.

It calls for the life forces and intelligence of these rich botanicals to revive our body, skin and soul.

The simple acknowledgement that we are one with nature and these plants are all that we need.

The alluring aromas enhance pure consciousness and awareness and invite a sensory experience.

It’s a holistic, effortless, uncomplicated approach to skincare.

Find your Merkaba ritual.