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About tHe Founder

Several years ago, I began creating my own skincare products in an effort to address persistent flare-ups of rosacea. At that time, I was unaware that this, along with other health concerns such as brain fog and anxiety, was connected to an accumulation of stressors in my life. 

Following consultations with both a general practitioner and a dermatologist, I received recommendations for topical cortisone creams and anti-anxiety medication. However, knowing that these options were not suitable for me, I was inspired to delve deeper, ask more questions, and ultimately explore alternative modalities of healing.

Over the subsequent seven years, I embraced a holistic approach to recovery that introduced me to acupuncture, yoga, meditation, spirituality, and gratitude.

During two of those years, I focused on healing my gut with the Gaps protocol and furthered my studies to become a holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a career path that felt more attuned to my true self.

Having worked as a registered nurse for many years, I found myself disconnected to my profession as each day I witnessed firsthand the consequences of declining health, exacerbated by well-intentioned, but misguided dietary guidance and the heavy reliance on medications.

During that period, I also delved into research about not just what we put into our bodies, but also, what we put on our skin. As I examined the ingredients in skincare products, I was horrified by what I discovered. Craving more information, I enrolled in a low toxicity course, which led to an upheaval of the bulk of my household cleaning and personal care products.

My loss of faith in commercial products inspired my journey into creating, safe, natural cleaning and skincare products from my home. Witnessing remarkable improvements in my skin and receiving positive comments from friends and family, motivated me to take things more seriously.

After obtaining a Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation and an Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serums, I embarked on the journey to establish my personal brand specialising in organic, plant-based skincare.

This journey materialised into the creation of Merkaba Skincare—a collection of purely plant-based, organic, and natural skincare products. Our approach is grounded in simplicity and mindfulness, offering uncomplicated yet effective solutions.

Currently, my passion to share my expertise and help create awareness about the adverse consequences that modern-day living can impose. This includes a barrage of everyday stressors such as reliance on convenience foods, overuse of the latest technologies, dependence on pharmaceuticals, exposure to Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF), use of toxic household and personal care products, and a disconnection from nature are just some of the challenges we face.

I now embrace a holistic, self-nurturing practice that addresses my emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. This includes a daily ritual of uncomplicated yet effective skincare, with a strong focus on simplicity and mindfulness.

Minimal skincare that embodies a ritual, not a routine, skincare which creates more time to connect with oneself.

Karen Hughes

  • Registered Nurse
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation
  • Advanced Certificate in High Performance Serums