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Bringing in a simple, yet intentional skincare ritual with organic plant based oils, not only nourishes and hydrates your skin, it also creates the perfect opportunity to slow down, focus on the moment and bring in a sense of calm. 

Step 1: 'Balance' Facial Cleanser

Massage 3 - 4 pumps onto the face and neck area for 1- 2 minutes. Gently press a warm, soft cloth over the skin to remove excess oil and to provide a light exfoliation. Warm water creates steam and invites the perfect self love ritual.

If using to remove makeup, apply a couple of pumps to a cotton face pad and gently remove. Then follow the steps above. 

Step 2: 'Refresh' Facial Mist

Spray directly onto the face 3 - 4 times to strengthen the skins moisture barrier and tone the skin avoiding the eye area. Shake well before use. 

Step 3: 'Restore' or 'Soothe' Facial Serum

Gently massage 2 - 3 drops to the face and neck area in slightly upward circular motions while the skin is still damp. Allow to absorb for 30 - 60 seconds before applying makeup.

This allows the active ingredients found in either of our serums to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.

It's a holistic, effortless, uncomplicated approach to skincare.

Bringing intention into your skincare ritual can have a profound effect on your mental health. The parasympathetic system takes over, reducing cortisol levels and generating a sense of calm and well being. This ritual will encourage you to honour yourself as you allow the wisdom of the plants to revive your body, skin and soul.