Oily skin often occurs due to an over production of oil. The use of astringent cleansers often disturbs the natural microbiome of our skin, removing too much of the skin’s natural sebum, resulting in more oil actually being produced. 

The sebum is there to protect the cell walls, fight bacteria, help heal wounds and to prevent moisture from evaporating from the skins layers. 

Each time we strip this oil away, our skin over compensates and frantically tries to replace this oil by creating more oil.

The most effective way to stop this cycle, is by using products formulated with low, or non-comedogenic plant based oils that mimic the skins natural sebum. These oils are less likely to clog pores, which is a leading cause of breakouts. 

‘Bad oils’ such as oxidized sebum, grime and other impurities are gently removed and the skin is refreshed with new oils enriched with nutrients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

Our facial cleansing oil features sunflower oil (comedogenic score of 1) and camellia oil (comedogenic score of 0). In other words, they are known to be non-comedogenic, making them ideal for oil cleansing as they won't aggravate acne related conditions and are suitable for all skin types.