Less is More: Why Our Three-Step Skincare Philosophy Works

Beauty trends are constantly changing, which is why most brands are always on the lookout for the latest fad, hoping to reach the generation of skincare enthusiasts while new trends are hot. And there's no blaming them—skincare is fun to play around with, and it's always exciting to stock our bathrooms with new products. But recently, the philosophy of sustainable living has introduced the world to an entirely new realm of skin and body care—one that doesn't involve packing the skin with 10 different products at once.

Our three-step ritual is a simple and holistic approach to the otherwise complicated nature of skincare. Instead of fussing over confusing—and intimidating—ingredients like glycolic acid, BHAs, and the difference between 8% and 10% AHAs, we prefer to keep things simple and efficient with ingredients that are kind to the mind and skin.

Cleanse Impurities with an oil based cleanser

Cleansing is often the most overlooked aspect of skincare because many believe that they're just cleaning agents that wash off makeup and the buildup of residue throughout the day. However, it's important to know that cleansing is one of the most important pillars in skincare, as it draws out impurities, balances the pH level of the skin, provides nourishment and protects the skin's barrier. 

We recommend an oil based cleanser such as our 'Balance' Facial Cleansing Oil, formulated with acne-relieving ingredients such as pumpkin and baobab seed oils, soothing pimples and nourishing the skin to prevent future breakouts. Meanwhile, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of sesame and castor seed oils remove toxins from the skin, relieve inflammation and intensely moisturise, providing a gentle restoration for all skin types. Most importantly, a natural cleansing oil is not anywhere near as abrasive as daily exfoliators or foam cleansers. While removing oil and impurities, an oil based cleanser helps to dissolve excess sebum production, thus assisting to balance the pH of the skin which is crucial in controlling breakouts.

Hydrate and tone with a facial mist

Toning is an incredibly important facet of a three-step skincare routine as it offers a wide range of restorative and skin-loving benefits. Our Facial Mist, 'Refresh', is a hydrating treat that revives your skin and helps it retain moisture, keeping dryness and inflammation at bay all day long. This type of product is particularly great to have in your daily routine as it can be used in multiple ways—a toner to work into your skin, a mist to refresh throughout the day, and even a setting spray to lock makeup in place!

We recommend the use of a toning mist after cleansing, to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier, soothe, and help protect from environmental stressors. Our mist has been formulated with superior ingredients offering a lot more than hydration alone. Black willow extract is a natural source of salicin, a beta hydroxy acid which allows the benefits of a chemical exfoliation without the risk of irritation. Kakadu plum is packed with skin brightening vitamin C and reduces hyperpigmentation. Soothing aloe vera hydrates by locking in moisture, while sandalwood hydrosol offers anti-aging benefits that can help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. We believe a facial mist is an absolute must-have in our routine—it's a vanity and a handbag essential!

Use a Serum to Massage, Moisturise, And Calm

The final step to our simple and mindful three-step skincare ritual is a few drops of one of our carefully formulated serums—packed with nourishing, skin loving botanicals. Unlike thick moisturizers, which can feel heavy and greasy, serums offer the same ultra-hydrating benefits while feeling lightweight and comfortable, day and night.

For mature skin, we highly recommend incorporating an anti-aging serum into your routine, as it's regenerative properties will help visibly improve the skin's texture and radiance, leaving you with a supple and healthy glow. 'Restore' our Anti-aging Serum is an antioxidant-rich dream with it's magnificent blend of prickly pear, acai, sea buckthorn and more, that will not only repair and hydrate, it will also calm your mind with it's delicious blend of essential oils. 

For those with sensitive and/or acne prone skin, our Ultra Calming Facial Serum, 'Soothe' is the perfect choice. Calendula, chia seed, tamanu and evening primrose extract will help to calm irritated and inflamed skin conditions while roman chamomile and sandalwood will invoke a sense of serenity and grounding. 

Simply massage a few drops into your face and enter relaxation heaven. Or indulge in a complete facial experience using a gua sha—a smooth stone used to sculpt your skin and massage product into your face. It's a relaxing treat after a long day—one of our favourite tools to complete a evening skincare ritual.