Why we chose Miron Glass

Ultraviolet Glass: 
The Highest Quality Glass in the World.

While deciding on the best packaging to house our beautiful nourishing blends, and knowing that plastic was never going to be an option, we began researching other alternatives and found ourselves drawn to all the pretty coloured glass bottles and jars, such as amber, blue and green.

The problem with this packaging is that it allows visible light to penetrate through, thus offering little or no protection against degradation of the ingredients. It was super important to us to naturally preserve our products without the use of potentially harmful synthetic preservatives.

Then we discovered the magic of Miron Glass and knew immediately that it was the perfect fit for our brand. These are the reasons why:

  • Also known as Biophotonic Glass it is thought to be energised by light.
  • Blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of infrared light (IR), ultra violet A (UVA) and violet lights.
  • These lights have healing properties on the human nervous system.
  • Offers optimal protection against the aging processes of ingredients which occur by exposure to visible light.
  • Increases shelf life and maximises the effectiveness of the ingredients.
  • Looks incredibly beautiful in your bathroom.
  • Completely defies single use consumerism.

Because of all of the qualities of this incredible glass, it’s also perfect for upcycling!

Here are some fun and creative ways to reuse your Miron glass:

  • Store your precious herbal tinctures or flower remedies.
  • Use to store kitchen essentials such as spices.
  • Smaller bottles can be used to 'rebottle' your favourite products to use for travel.
  • Make an aromatic reed diffuser by filling with a lightly scented carrier oil and favourite essential oil blend. Then insert reed sticks or bamboo skewers.
  • Perfect for small single stemmed flowers.
  • Use as a gorgeous incense holder.
  • Perfect for homemade elderberry syrup (email us for a recipe!)

And the history…

There’s even archaeological evidence suggesting that the Ancient Egyptians, an extremely advanced culture with immense wisdom, used Miron Glass jars and bottles to store their precious healing oils and medicines due to these valuable preservation properties. Miron Glass is now slowly becoming more widely used as people learn of its many incredible benefits.